Admiration was all he won. I will end my year of office in New Orleans this month. It has been highly enjoyable though a good deal of work. After six years as a National Director, I will be serving the League next year only in my capacity as Chairman of the Board and as trustee of the Charity Foundation, succeeding Ellif Andersen. Margaret Wagar will remain on the Board representing our newly combined District and I am looking forward to a quiet year. My thanks to all who have helped to make this past year a memorable one. John W. Norwood Jr. Greenville, S. C..

The year of 1967 has been one of mixed gains and losses for the League--a period of moves and consolidations. I would have judged that, on the whole, we were coming out pretty much on the plus side were it not for the sudden, tragic loss of Alvin Landy, whose services as Executive Secretary contributed so much to the growth of the ACBL from the time he assumed that position in 1950. No organization can suffer such a blow without grief and shock and without some disruption of its services. It will be a long time before the shock wears off and the grief abates, but I am happy to report that thanks to the hard work of the members of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and of Tom Stoddard.
SEPT. 22: Returned to Greenville still suffering the effects of a cold and high fever that had confined me to bed for two days in Dallas. ...Early Sat. A.M. got the shocking phone news of Alvin Landy's death. ...Next day, Sunday, flew to Greenwich for emergency meeting of the Executive Committee. John Norwood, 1967 ACBL president, died in a Greenville, SC nursing home in February.