Unit 160

SEPT. 26: In New York for the funeral. Margaret and I much impressed with the rabbi's eulogy--especially the thought he expressed "Elaine did not have a marriage, she had a perpetual romance..." Thence to Stamford for the interment. SEPT. 27: To Atlantic City for one day where the Trials were in progress. Conferred briefly with Captain Julius Rosenblum and with Dick Prey. Then returned on Thursday to Greenville. PRESIDENTIAL DIARY DEC 1967 OCT. 1: To Augusta for this one day to inaugurate a brand new tournament and to play in the Team Game. In the afternoon we tied for first with the team headed by former boy wonder, Billy Barrett, scoring 19 out of 30, but in the evening we hit my stride with 8½ out of 24.

OCT. 11: To Greenwich for four more arduous days of Executive Committee sessions beginning Wednesday. OCT. 15: Return to Greenville, looking forward to the beginning of the Mid-Atlantic here on the 19th, which they've honored me by calling the President's Regional. OCT. 19: It is obvious from the beginning that although the Jack Tar Poinsett Hotel is one of the finest in the Carolinas, its playing space will be taxed to the utmost to accommodate this Regional. Waldemar von Zedtwitz is my special guest here. OCT. 22: As expected, the President's Regional was a record-breaker. Despite the crowds, the directing was so superb and the tournament so well planned by Tom Ferguson and his hard-working committee members that all who attended were well pleased. Even though Tom is our recent acquisition from Dallas, I understand that there are movements afoot to elect him and Carl Yastrzemski mayor of Greenville and Boston, respectively… Waldy won the admiration of the many here who met him for the first time. But having left the selection of partners to me, I'm afraid I handicapped him with too much dead weight even for so great a player.